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Next Ubuntu release names from Canonical for future versions

Jerking Jackal
Masturbating Monkey
Wanking Walrus
Sucking Squirrel
Lascivious Lama
Obscene Ox
Oily Ostrich
Naughty Narwhal
Fapping Fox
Demented Dolphin
Mischievous Mole
Retarded Rat
Farting Frog
Asshole Alligator
Bastard Badger
Bitchy Beaver
Creepy Crane
Crooky Cat
Dubya Donkey
Depressed Duck
Erect Eel
Facebook Finch
Gay Gorilla
Horny Hamster
Idiot Iguana
Jealous Jellyfish
Kewl Koala
Lame Lemur
Looser Llama
Masochistic Meerkat
Newbie Newt
Obese Orca
Pedo Panda
Punk Panther
Raptor Rabbit
Snarky Shark
Sneaking Snake
Tourette Tiger
Whacky Whale
Yankee Yak
Zombie Zebra
Ubuntu 11.10 Released > Comments
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